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The Slow Burn is our mini-wave weapon. Short wide and flat! Everything you’d expect in a small wave machine with some magic from the past mixed in. The bottom contours feature a unique double concave, chined “Hydro-hull”, a design perfected by Californian shaper Bill Stewart during the late 70’s to early 80’s. The “hydro-hull” double concave cuts through the bottom of the board adding lift and speed. the chined bevels add release and free up the board from rail to rail and allow a tighter radius of rail surfing, as opposed to simply skating fast down the line. Loved by the team and customers alike, this is by far the best microwave machine we’ve made to date. Catch waves easy, go fast and surf mini surf better than the rest.


Wide yet curvy outline from nose to tail, with a slight straight section in the middle of the board. Creating a large amount of surface area for planning and speed.


Low entry rocker nose to tail for instant speed and drive in flat-faced waves. 

Bottom shape.

Unique double concave, chined “Hydro-hull” for lift and speed while the chined bevels add release and free up the board from rail to rail and allow a tighter radius of rail surfing.


The Slow Burn is set up to be surfed with a split keel quad set up (twin keels in the front, with quad trailers in the back) We highly recommend you stick to this template to get the most out of this board. There is a lot of water moving underneath your feet when surfing the S-B and the split keels have been found to offer the most complimentary amount of drive and release.

Wrap up.

A microwave monster that is a must-have in the quiver to maintain your surfing stoke, keep you in the water longer and surf mini waves better than the rest.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced

WAVE TYPE: Average to decent beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 1-4ft

RIDE: 6-7 inches shorter and + 2 litres more volume than your regular shortboard.



NOTE - All online surfboard purchases are built start to finish. manufacturing time is 5 to 6 weeks from the confirmed purchase date.