ACSOD MOVIE, A team surf film.

This past Saturday, on the 15th of October, we premiered the long-awaited ACSOD MOVIE at Burleigh Brewing. More than a year of blood, sweat and tears and the turnout on the night made it all worthwhile. You can check out all the night's shenanigans here. 

Abit about the film below:

The ACSOD Movie is a team surf film featuring: Toby Mossop, Lewie Dunn, Hinata Aizawa and my brother Mitch Crews. Filmed and directed by my younger brother Thomas Crews!
We have been grinding over the past year or so to make this movie. It's 37min and tells a brief story of the brand, the close relationship between Alex and his team riders, and their unique personalities. We approached this kind of like a skate team.

We feel like the surfer/shaper relationship is one of the most important and valuable things in surfing, but you rarely see content focused on that. Also, we're a bit of a motley crew and wanted to show the personality behind our core surfboard team and the culture we are creating. This movie is also about you, the day-to-day surfer. Finishing on a unique "ACSOD Friends" section that features friends of Alex. Some of the boys are pros, and some are tradies. Either way, when you have an ACSOD in your quiver, you are a part of our family.

We hope you enjoy the film.