Meet A C S O D

Alex Crews, aka ACSOD, aka Alex Crews Shapes Or Die.

Surfing & surfboards have always been a part of my life. It all begun with my Dad, who has been making boards since I can remember. From the age of 10, I would sit at the door and watch him shape, glass & sand surfboards in a tin shed out the back of our house. Being so in love with the process, it was only natural I got on the planer and learnt myself. After that 1st surf on that 1st board, I knew this was all I wanted to do. Make surfboards and surf them. The feeling of riding something you have made with your own hands is truly amazing.

The friends & family I'm surrounded by have played a huge roll in my growth as shaper. My older brother Mitch, was my main test pilot when I was starting out and to this day we still work on designs. With Mitch moving through the ranks in competition, eventually finding himself on the WSL, he opened the doors for me to shape boards for some of the best surfers around the world. Some who now compete on tour today. With a stable of team riders & all the feed back over the years, good & bad, it's all embedded in the DNA of the boards I manufacture today

Now, 10 years in, whether you're on tour or just getting into surfing, the goal is simple. To offer customers the highest quality product. Functional, durable & presented with a fresh & youthful aesthetic that's true to my creative passion.