Introducing the White Ferrari 2020

Finely tuned over the past two years using the feedback from our team, the 2020 White Ferrari is our best performance shortboard to date. So we don't bore you with to much tech talk, we've broken everything down into 4 key updates:

1. The foils are now more refined for added responsiveness.

2. The concaves are deeper adding more lift and speed.

3. The rocker has a smoother blend from nose to tail. Creating a more fluid transition through maneuvers.

4. The outline has been pulled in through the nose and tail, adding even more control.

Due to popular demand in customising, we now offer the White Ferrari in the deepest size range we've ever designed. Adding duplicates and triplets of the most ordered lengths to cater for a wider range of height and weights. 

With some new paint and new rubber, watch Tane Bowden take the White Ferrari through all five of its gears.