Due to the NSW statewide lockdown, we are complying and adapting with new restrictions in place. As QLD-NSW border residents & workers, the simplicity of crossing the state border has been taken away due to border Policing and regulations in place from the NSW lockdown. 


As of the 15th of August, there will be a one week delay on the following:

  • All freight. Including orders for merchandise, custom orders, second-hand boards and factory seconds. We are unable to send orders until after the 21st of August.
  • Factory & curbside pickups are unavailable until after the 21st of August.
  • Manufacturing time on all orders currently in production or placed after the 15th of August are paused until we can go back to work on the 21st of August.

We are locking down for the week.

We are keeping a very close eye on the government and events as they unfold and will be updating you as we find out. Until then, we thank all of our customers and stockists for their patients and support.