The Electric Acid Surfboard Test.

On the 2nd of May 2021 STAB Magazine hosted the very first Electric Acid Surfboard Test, LIVE, from Burleigh Heads.
A mix between an expression session/exhibition, but still a comp. STAB invited eight surfers to compete, Josh Kerr, Coby Perkovich, Lungi Slabb, Benny Howard, brother Mitch Crews, Louie Hynd, Harley Walters and Asher Pacey. All surfers were drawn out of a hat to decide who gets the first pick of the boards. Asher Pacey was drawn and picked the Two Fangs out of the bunch!
The board we built for the event was the new, soon to be released Two Fangs Twin fin and came in at 5'6 x 20 x 2 7/16 - 30.4L

The significant changes to the model have been an increase in nose rocker and pulled in nose outline. Allowing you to surf tighter top to bottom, wrench heavier arches and make steeper drops than before. It was nice to watch Asher test the board out and perform his signature smooth and fluid surfing.

With no cash up for grabs, the winner got to take home one of the boards from the bunch. After plenty of tins under the sun, with a few exciting exchanges to end the final, brother Mitch took out the comp and walked away with the board he rode throughout the event. A beautiful House Of Byrne curved channel twin fin. Big Congratulations, Ian Byrne, for crafting a fantastic surfboard and to my brother Mitch for taking out the first of an entertaining event.