Earlier in the year, my good mate and now team rider Lewie Dunn hit me up to shape him a single fin. He wanted the board to be able to glide and trim in a wide range of conditions, yet also be able to pull it out when it's big and knife into some tubes. I jumped at the opportunity, and after a bit of research, I ended up with a design with a lot of MP and Gerry Lopez inspiration.

I drew a smooth long outline with a wide point forward from the centre. The bottom shape has a subtly rolled vee that leads into the belly of the board, which blends into an increased straight vee panel in the tail. Pushed the foam forward by adding a beak nose. This kept volume under the chest area, and I tapered out the tail thickness to add sensitivity. Finally, I thought to use a triple stringer Burfords blank to stiffen up the flex, so the board cuts through any chatter.

the final dimension of the board was 6'8 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2 - 35.5L

After a few months of waiting for some quality to try her out, the east coast was recently hit with a significant low that brought pumping left tubes. Dunn capitalised and sent me this edit with a rave review of the board. Check out the edit above and keep your eyes peeled for more on this single fin soon.