Welcome to our new "WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE" series.
 As avid surfers, we understand the importance of finding the right board to match your style and skill level. That's why we're comparing our two most popular models to help you make an informed decision. Both the Lotus and the Blue Lotus offer their own version of post-modern retro performance. Crafted with precision to suit their unique concepts, these boards deliver an exciting surf experience that will leave you stoked and wanting to surf more.
In this new series, we'll explore the similarities and differences between the LOTUS and the BLUE LOTUS. Discover their unique characteristics, performance attributes, and design features tailored to various styles and conditions. By the end of this read, you'll clearly understand which surfboard suits you best.
First, let's explain the "Lotus Series".
Influenced by the early 80s thruster, we designed both boards to maintain the traditional design elements of that era. Bump flyers, beak nose, low rocker, and flat deck with chimed-down rails - all the hallmarks of the classic 80s thruster. Blending this with some modern contours and manufacturing techniques, we reinvigorated a classic design.
The Lotus fits into the series as a rippable step-down small wave board, best suited to 1-3ft beach breaks and points. Whereas the Blue Lotus is a semi-set-up/all-rounder of the Lotus that surfs with a smother, controlled feeling and can handle surf in the 2-6ft range. Both boards carry a lot of foam and are very user-friendly. Perfect for beginners or intermediate surfers looking to take their surfing to the next level or an advanced surfer looking for a fun alternative to spice up the quiver.


Now we have reached the end of the extensive breakdown between the Lotus and Blue Lotus, let's finish with who the boards are for, the conditions best suited to them and the dimensions you should ride.

Ability: Both boards a very user-friendly and create a super easy/fun surfing experience. Both boards have all the fundamentals in helping a beginner/intermediate surfer build on their surfing and improve, particularly the Lotus; as you improve, the Blue Lotus is the next step towards eventually ending up on a high-performance shortboard. In the Advanced spectrum, a Lotus makes for a fun, lively small wave groveller that will keep you excited to surf during summer lulls or average conditions. Where the blue Lotus will sit in as a longer, slightly more performance-based version of this that you will be able to take on a surf trip and surf some head-high barreling waves.

Wave sizes: The Lotus is best suited to fun ripable beach breaks or points in the 1-4ft range.

The Blue Lotus will work in everything from 2ft up to 6ft and prefers cleaner conditions.

Dimensions: With the Lotus, it has been designed to surf shorter; we recommend ordering the Lotus 3 inches shorter than the Blue Lotus or 3-4 inches shorter than your standard shortboard. 

The Blue Lotus is recommended to be surfer 3 inches longer than your Lotus or 1 inch shorter than your standard performance shortboard. 

Here is an example of what Alex Crews personally rides:

Height: 6'0

Weight: 92kg

White Ferrari - 6'1 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/8 - 31.5L

Blue Lotus - 6'0 x 19 3/8 x 2 1/2 - 32.5L

Lotus - 5'10 x 20 x 2 1/2 - 32L