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The Fox is a step-down hybrid that walks the line between a small, shifty beach break groveller and a high-performance fish. Originally designed with an idea from the staff at Kirra Surf, the boys wanted a board that would replace their shortboard for grovelling small shifty beach breaks yet will hold and keep up with the points when they turn on. Dropping the length down 5-6inches, pumping up the volume along the stringer line, adding area to the nose outline, pulling in the tail and finishing with a unique fin placement that works as both a 2+1 or thruster, The Fox was born. 


A nice wide nose outline carries through to the centre on the board, where it then quickly falls away into a pulled in swallow tail. Giving you paddle power and lift under your chest, while the pulled in tail gives you control and hold in the back.


Medium amount of lift in the entry rocker tappers off to a flat exit. Keeping enough curve in the front keeps the nose out of the water and adds manoeuvrability in a steeper wave face. The flat exit acts as an engine giving you acceleration of the back foot.


A flat entry blends into a medium single under the chest, transitioning into double concave through the fins, finishing with a vee exit. 


Here is where the two personalities of the Fox meet. 

2+1 (TWIN + TRAILER): We recommend using the MR or AMT 2+1 set for shifty beach breaks. This will give you a ton of projection and rail speed whilst freeing up the tail to gain more release in weaker conditions. 

THRUSTER: Using your favourite thruster set, you’ll gain drive and hold. Allowing you to control faster speeds, hold longer lines and drive in and out of turns.


The Fox is a multipurpose hybrid that you can rely on for your afternoon grovels or when the local is cooking, and you want to go fast and draw some unique lines.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced

WAVE TYPE: Average to decent beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 1-4ft

RIDE: 5-6" shorter and + 2 litres more volume than your regular shortboard.