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The Monster is our go-to step-down model for performance surfing in below-average conditions. Short, stubby and wide, the Monster is ridden 3 to 4 inches shorter than your standard high-performance board. A generous amount of foam is distributed throughout the model, adding paddle power and helping to generate speed in weak surf. Boxy rails add a forgiving feeling through your turns and prevent catching. This is the perfect board if you're after something short, stubby and high in volume but will surf fast and lively with that familiar performance feel of a standard shortboard.


FCSII  HS tri set
FUTURES HS tri set



ROCKER Flat entry, flat exit.
OUTLINE Wide and full, wide point forward of centre.
CONCAVE Flat entry, single to double concave, flat exit.



APPROACH Fast, top to bottom pocket surfing.
SKILL LEVEL Beginner, intermediate to advanced.
STANCE Neutral.



WAVE SIZE  1-4ft
CONDITIONS small, weak to chest high, fun running waves. 
BREAK Point or beach break.



RIDE  3 to 4 inches shorter than your White Ferrari 


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