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The Easy Rider is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of surf. From 1ft ankle slappers to head high rolling beach breaks, the Easy Rider surfs with stability underfoot, impeccable speed & glide, with a refined rail foil that maintains its performance game. The E-R come standard with a five fin setup, giving you the option to switch between a quad and thruster set-up. Chuck a quad set in for more speed on the rail and increase performance through carves and barrel riding. If you prefer to keep things familiar, surf it a thruster for a more modern top to bottom approach. 


A wide plan shape from nose to tail with the widest point sitting forward from the centre. Giving you area upfront for paddle power and lift. Eventually pulling into a tight rounded pin for hold and control.


Low entry rocker for speed out the gate, blending into an extended medium exit with a massive sweet spot between your feet. 


A flat entry blends into a medium single under the chest transitioning into a single/double concave through the fins, finishing with a vee exit.


The Easy Rider has everything you need to free up your surfing, catch a ton of waves and surf them how you want. Let this board do the work and make things easier.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced

WAVE TYPE: week to decent beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 1-4ft

RIDE: 4 inches shorter and + 1.5 litres more volume than your regular shortboard.

NOTE - All online surfboard purchases are built from start to finish. manufacturing time is 6 to 8 weeks from the confirmed purchase date.