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The Fox is a step-down hybrid that walks the line between a small, shifty beach break groveller and a high-performance fish. Originally designed with an idea from the staff at Kirra Surf, the boys wanted a board that would replace their shortboard for grovelling small shifty beach breaks yet will hold and keep up with the points when they turn on. Dropping the length down 5-6inches, pumping up the volume along the stringer line, adding area to the nose outline, pulling in the tail and finishing with a clustered fin placement that works as both a 2+1 or thruster, The Fox was born. 


A broad, curvy outline runs throughout the board. Pulling in through the nose and aggressively in the tail. Allowing for tight top to bottom surfing off the back foot.


A medium flip in the entry rocker then blends into a flat exit rocker. Keeping curve under your front foot for maneuverability while the flat exit maintains speed/drive.


Full boxy rails tapper into a low bitey rail behind the fins. Adding forgiveness under the front foot, while the tapered rail in the tail adds hold.


A single concave runs from the nose into the belly of the board, finishing just before the fins, transitioning into double concave, finishing with a vee exit. 


Our recommendations for you fin options.

2+1 (TWIN + TRAILER): A set of MR's or AMT's work best if you use the 2+1 option. Surfing as a 2+1 will give you a ton of projection and speed whilst freeing up the tail to gain more release. 

THRUSTER: We recommend using a thruster set you are most familiar with (we use AM1's by Futures). The clustered fin placement adds a lot more drive than a regular tri-fin. You will gain more pivot when surfing top to bottom and a lot more hold when pushing through craves.


The Fox is a multipurpose hybrid that you can rely on for your afternoon grovels or a fast and refreshing sled you can rip in decent surf.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced

WAVE TYPE: Average to decent beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 1-4ft

RIDE: 5" shorter and + 2 litres more volume than your regular shortboard.

"Please note, all online board purchases are treated as custom orders and are built start to finish. Turn around time is 6 to 7 weeks from the purchase date. For readily available stock contact one of our retailers."