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The Lotus is an ode to the 80’s thruster. Pioneered by Simon Anderson, Alex’s take on the early 80’s thruster includes all the original design elements like the bump flyer, beak nose, low smooth rocker and flat deck with chimed low/soft rails. Building from these features, the modern twist we’ve added to this classic design is in the length and bottom shape. Designed to be surfed 3 inches shorter than what was commonplace during that era, it allows the board to fit in tighter in the pocket and surf with a modern performance approach. Next was tweaking a traditional vee bottom. Keeping a slight vee in the nose to prevent catching, we added a shallow single concave under your chest that blends into a deep double concave between the fins, finishing with a flat exit. These changes have replaced a slower, rail-to-rail roll with more speed and release. Allowing you to skate fast down the line and perform reactive manoeuvres. Mixing old and new to reinvigorate a classic design.


The overall plan shape is nice and wide, creating lift and speed in small surf. A bump flyer is placed just behind the front fins. Giving you a pivot point for sharp direction changes of the back foot.


A low entry rocker blends into an extended medium exit rocker with a massive sweet spot between your feet. 


Low/soft chimed rails.


Vee entry blends into a medium single under the chest, transitioning into a deep double concave through the fins, finishing with a flat exit.


Mixing old and new to reinvigorate a classic design. The Lotus is a fast and responsive board with a classic feel that excels in average to decent surf.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced

WAVE TYPE:  Average to decent beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 1-4ft

"Please note, all online board purchases are treated as custom orders and are built start to finish. Turn around time is 6 to 7 weeks from the purchase date. For readily available stock contact one of our retailers."