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Built for performance in powerful surf. The Axe has been tried & tested from Pipeline and backdoor to Nias and all over Indo. Making The Axe a staple in the board bag for both our team and customers when it comes to serious surf. It's the subtle, key features that make the magic DNA of this step up. Smooth full rocker, slight single to double concave, low soft rails and precise distribution of volume combine to harness the power of the wave and control it. Confidence in your equipment means confidence in the water.


A pulled in nose outline seamlessly blends into the wide point, which sits on the centre. Transitioning into a long tapering tail outline. A perfectly refined outline for maximum hold and control.


Full nose and tail rocker with a smooth transition throughout. Allows the board to fit into the steep wave faces and make critical drops.


Flat entry blends into a shallow single to double concave through the belly. Allowing you to harness all the waves power and give you complete control. (deep concave in powerful waves will mean too much lift, which ultimately gives you less control).


The Axe is a reliable board you can trust for your next overseas trip or local swell chase.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced

WAVE TYPE: Big punchy beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 6-12ft

RIDE: 3 Inches longer than your regular board as a minimum.